Looking beyond the horizon. International Business and Economics

International Business and Economics

Starting this winter semester, the Faculty of Management and Economics will be offering a new English-language Bachelor’s degree programme, International Business and Economics. We asked the programme director, Dmitri Blüschke, a few pertinent questions..

What makes this degree programme so unique?

The most striking feature is that it is the first Bachelor’s degree to be taught entirely in English at the University of Klagenfurt. But there are other features that make it even more special: We have set ourselves the goal of achieving a balanced mix of domestic and foreign students, so that from the very first day, students get used to working and studying in an international setting.

Why is it so important to consider business and economics in an international context?

Quite simply, because this is the world we find ourselves in nowadays. On the one hand, with very few exceptions, modern businesses face global competition and operate internationally. Many companies started to see export markets as a core target a while back. This means that their employees increasingly come from different parts of the globe, raising the importance of intercultural skills. What is more, the trend (and – for some – the pressure) to keep up with digitalisation is advancing relentlessly. Taken together, this results in a strong demand for the employees of those international companies to contribute “new” qualifications.

What distinguishes this degree programme from a “traditional” degree in Business Administration?

Sound economic craftsmanship is still just as essential in the international context, which is why we have preserved the “traditional” Business Administration degree at the core of this programme, albeit with modifications. Added to this, we have placed particular emphasis on economic and methodological areas, to teach students more interdisciplinary and analytical skills. This is supplemented with sociological, legal, and intercultural content with international relevance. As a complete package, this degree programme provides students with the ideal preparation for a career with companies operating in the international sphere. Similarly, they are ideally qualified to continue their studies with a Master’s degree in the area of Business Administration. Students can gain in-depth knowledge in the area of their choice by combining specialisation subjects.

What interests should one have when applying for a place on this degree programme?

Applicants should be both able and keen to look beyond the horizon. How do economic relationships work in a global world, what drives companies to be successful in the international arena, how can one benefit most from a team of employees with different cultures and languages? Anyone who is interested in questions such as these, is spot on with this degree programme.

How can I prepare for the entrance examination?

Let me take this opportunity to reassure anyone who is interested in applying. The entrance examination looks at two subject areas: mathematics and general economic thinking. As far as mathematics is concerned, we want to be sure that people have at least a certain affinity for numbers. The normal school-leaving level is quite sufficient. The same applies to the economic topics. The test serves the purpose to check whether people have a good sense for this type of content. Both subject areas are covered by literature, which we have provided online (open access), so that people can take a look whenever they want to. In other words: Reading is the best way to prepare.

With this degree programme, nothing can stand in the way of your international career.

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