Guest Students

Foreign students who prepaired their Master Thesis with the AE Research Group supported by grants (1 year each) from Institutions or Companies, organized by our Group

Student Name Diploma title
Stanislav Baru Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft .NET Interoperability by the Example of Customer Relationship Management System
Oleksiy Batchenko Reference Model in the Contact Center Framework
Mykola Bazhenov The Natural Language Processing in the project NIBA
Nathalia Bilogrud Model Integration (Universität Kherson)
Vladimir Bolshutkin Improvement of requirements traceability process
Illya Boyko Adoption of Software Product Lines Approach in Comm-Unity Software Development
Mikhael Brodskiy Development and research software of information system for conflict situation prediction on the example of aircraft collisions
Vsevolod Demydov Models and Tools for the Determination of the Capacity Profiles in Service-Centers
Olga Dergachova Design and development of a multilayer information system for marketing research with XML-based layer interaction
Oleksandr Dorosh Development and Integration of a database performance recording tool within the Uniquare process framework
Rustam Gamzayev An approach for Software Development Process Improvement of the Comm Unify Process
Volodymyr Goloborodko Goal oriented Requirements Engineering in KCPM
Dmytro Goncharov Device management in mobile applications
Sergii Ianushkevych Understandability Management
Volodymyr Ivanchenko Knowledge merging (commitment) models using Ontologies
Dmytro Lysenko Design and Development of a Knowledge Base for Automated Internet Service Provisioning
Egor Osipov Generic Solutions for Communication between Appointment Systems
Pavlo Pochuyev Reference Model for Integration of Appointment Systems into Business Processes
Igor Protasov An Approach to Reference Model Based Software Quality Estimation
Illa Prykhodko Extending the functionality of Internet Business Platform by usage of agent technology
Oleg Rudenko Reengineering Issues of Integration E-Commerce Systems with Internet-based Advertisement System
Anton Salenkov User Centered eLearning Using Interactive Animations
Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin Development of a Helpdesk Web system based on the CASSAM concept
Mykhailo Shtelma Utilisation of Model Driven Software Development for building Enterprise Applications by means of Magic Draw and generator Framework open Architecture Ware
Hanna Sikar Knowledge Management
Volodymyr Sokol Reference Model For Internet-based Advertisement System
Oleksiy Vilkomir Design and Architectural Patterns for CRM-Systems
Andriy Vyedyeneyev Pattern Solutions for Internet-based Advertisement System
Nataliya Yevdoshenko Mapping of KCPM to OLIVANOVA Model within the NIBA Framework
Tetyana Zavinska Ontology Description using KCPM
Andriy Zemlyaniy Mapping from KCPM to UML state charts
Yuriy Zvyagin Application XML-based ontology to Appointment Synchronization