New schedule of fees and fines on 06.09.2018!

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Dear AAU University Library users, dear AAU students,

Installation of the new library system „ALMA“ requires the adaptation of our fees and fines.

For your information – the new schedule of fees and fines comes into effect on 06.09.2018.

The most important changes concern overdue fines for everybody and registration fees for external users.

Overdue fines: From 06.09.2018, exceeding the loan period is charged with 50 cent per day/book.

Here you can find the complete schedule of fees and fine :

We ask all library users to observe their loan periods!

The customary email reminder remains in effect. This is no legally binding information but an additional service. As of 06.09.2018, all users also receive a loan receipt via email. The loan period stated on this receipt must be observed. We ask you to keep an eye on the email address linked to your library account.

Kind regards,
Your UL Team


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