New research project on spreadsheet errors (FWF / iDEOS)

Spreadsheets based on Microsoft Excel are omnipresent in most organizations. Errors in these spreadsheets can however be highly problematic and a number of examples exist where wrong calculations led to severe financial loss for companies. A new joint project between researchers of AAU and TU Graz will address these problems and develop novel means that help users to detect and remove errors from spreadsheets.

The research project “Interactive Spreadsheet Debugging (iDEOS)” is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and will be led by Prof. Dietmar Jannach of the Department of Applied Informatics.

More information about debugging spreadsheets can be found in this research article.

We are looking for a doctoral student (75{c8db3f4443fb2f1c80e20e2e8420a201d47393e6b007c83f4847286f4b955a35}) and a postdoctoral researcher (100{c8db3f4443fb2f1c80e20e2e8420a201d47393e6b007c83f4847286f4b955a35}). Please contact Prof. Jannach in case you are interested. The project will last 3.5 years.

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Source: AAU TEWI