Mass Customization 4.0 – New Research Project Starting in Fall 2019

Gerhard Leitner starts working on a new project in the area of intelligent user interfaces / recommender technologies together with Cipriano Forza (Project Coordinator) from the University of Padova/Campus Vicenza.

The Mass Customization 4.0 project is funded by the Interreg V-A Italy-Austria program for two and a half years, starting in Fall 2019.

The focus of this project is the construction sector. The goal is to support small and mid-sized enterprises, as well as their customers, in the vast variety of decisions that have to be made when building a new house, when renovating, or when enhancing an old house with smart technology. Such decisions could, for example, involve what kind of thermal isolation fits the constructional conditions or how to make a particular building smart. The core outcome of the project will be a house-configurator which is based on a comprehensive knowledge base. The configurator will be equipped with an appropriate user interface which enable users to describe their living conditions, needs and requirements. According to the input, the system will provide recommendations and suitable solutions.

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Source: AAU TEWI