Prof. Veda Storey winner of the P.P.Chen Award 2018

The Peter P. Chen Award honors one person each year for his or her outstanding contributions to the field of conceptual modeling. The winner of the 2018 award is Prof. Veda Storey from the Georgia State University in Atlanta, USA.

Veda Storey has been actively involved in the conceptual modeling community since completing her Ph.D. dissertation on automating conceptual modeling. Her research addresses conceptual modeling in data semantics, reverse engineering, ontology and big data modeling. She has published many well quoted papers in various journals and conference proceedings in both the information systems and the computer science areas. Currently, Google Scholar names 8.402 citations of her publications; the most cited one is the paper “Business intelligence and analytics: from big data to big impact”, published in MIS quarterly in 2012. 16 of her papers appeared in Data and Knowledge Engineering, which is the premier journal associated with the ER Conference; another 16 appeared in the ER conference proceedings. In addition, her contributions to education and practice are outstanding.

With respect to the International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, she has served as the co-chair of the ER Conference three times and in many other functions. She received an ER Fellow award in 2013. Since 1999, she has been a member of the ER Steering Committee as well as a member of the editorial board of Data and Knowledge Engineering.

The 2018 selection committee consisted of Heinrich C. Mayr (Austria), Isabell Comyn-Wattiau (France), Valeria de Antonellis (Italy), Yair Wand (Canada), and Oscar Pastor (Spain).

The award was presented by ERSC Chairman Heinrich C. Mayr at the ER2018 gala dinner in Xi’an, China, October 24th, 2018.