HBMS: Project Stages

Human Behavior Monitoring and Support

HBMS has been realized in three main project research and development stages

Stage 1: focus on the Human Cognitive Model and the domanin specific modeling language HCM-L  

Within this stage we

  • defined the first version of the HBMS observation and support process (see the picture)
  • analyzed the relevant aspects of a human cognitive model (the HCM),
  • analyzed existing related ontologies
  • and defined the first version of the Human Cognitive Modeling Language HCM-L.

 The applicability of the chosen approach was shown via a first prototype. Persons carrying out special activities of daily life were monitored in a test environment, and their observed individual behavior was logged textually. Based on the logs individual cognitive models were modeled with using a first HCM-L modeler prototype. Abstraction and integration was done manually by the modeler. The prototype also demonstrated simple options how HCM can be used to support the chosen activities of daily life in cases of need.

Stage 2: Observation and Reasoning

The next step of the project concentrated on

  • the interfacing between the HBMS system and  automated activity recognition systems for learning about the behavior of a person in her/his activities of daily life,
  • the development of an intelligent situation interpretation and reasoning mechanisms for inferring the “best” next action to propose,
  • the development of a complete HBMS system beta version in line with the Model Centered Architecture paradigm

Again, extensive evaluations with user participation were carried out.

Stage 3: Currently Running

Currently we focus on making context sensitive both, the monitoring process and the assistance options context,

This concerns, in particular,

  • the integration of all context information into the observation and reasoning processes,
  • the extension of the user’s personal context to emotion detection, which also will exploited by the support reasoning mechanisms,
  • a multimodal enduser communication.