MCA: Patterns for System Solutions

Model Centered Architecture

Architectural Patterns for MCA based Solutions

Based on these concepts, we identify  a set of architectural patterns to be implemented by the components of a MCA-based system:

The modeling tool pattern describes the means used by the model authors to create and manipulate models according to the given DSML; such tools are driven by given DSML’s meta-model describing; they can be either custom built or generated using an existing meta-modeling framework.

The model transfer interface pattern describes components  responsible for transferring models to runtime components.

The model adapter pattern describes components  transforming the transferred models into the format understood by the rest of the system.

The model storage pattern and model storage manager pattern describe components enabling model persistence; the former describes the storage itself, the latter describes the runtime component responsible for accessing this storage.

The data adapter pattern describes those components that use models to drive the conversion of external  data into the internal (system standard) representation.

The  model consumer pattern  describes  the  components which  use the adapted models to provide the functionality of the MCA-based solution.