AHA 2017

3rd International Workshop on Modeling for Ambient Assistance and Healthy Ageing


The workshop focuses on Modeling as a means for mastering the challenges that emerge with attempts to design and develop systems for assisting humans in their everyday live and in healthy ageing. Special attention will be paid to

  • Open Models, i.e. models that are broadly understood, can be freely accessed according to the principles of “open source”, and may be developed cooperatively,
  • Domain specific modeling languages, supporting tools and related meta-modeling frameworks,
  • Ontological foundation,
  • The relevant contexts to be covered by modeling approaches,
  • Learning Systems based on Cognitive Modeling and knowledge integration,
  • Reasoning under uncertainty,
  • Models as communication and interaction means at usage time,
  • Adaptation to individual (over time changing) linguistic and cognitive capabilities of different users (groups),
  • Model data management,
  • Innovative applications,
  • Experiences with modeling tools and meta-modeling frameworks.