Our current projects

The vision of Human Behavior Monitoring and Support (HBMS) is to develop an Ambient Assistive Living System, which is able to

  • monitor an individual carrying out activities (e.g. of daily life),
  • to abstract, aggregate and integrate the observed behavior into an individual human cognitive model and
  • to assist the individual in cases of need retrieving knowledge from the human cognitive model (HCM)

Thus HBMS facilitates elderly people with memory weaknesses to live longer autonomously in their familiar environment

The Model Centered Architecture paradigm sees an information system to be a compound of various models, each of which is formed with the means of a Domain Specific Modeling Language (DSML).

From a MOF perspective, MCA focuses on the MOF levels M2 (definitions of the DSMLs to be used for the specification of the system and its contexts), M1 (specification of all system and data components using the DSMLs) and M0 (the instances, i.e. models of concrete objects, functions and processes).

The Quality Aware Software Engineering project focuses on organizing and supporting an efficient quality-related communication between all parties in the development process (such as software developers and business stakeholders). The different backgrounds and contexts of stakeholders are considered by an ontology-backed harmonization (mutual mapping) of views and concepts learned from various data and knowledge bases (e.g. ticketing systems).